Tuesday, October 29, 2019

In the Middle of Nowhere

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On my drive down to the Sierras this year, I decided to do the 12 hour drive in 2 days rather than my usual 1. So I had extra time to explore. I thought I would stop a lot to take pictures, but often there was nowhere to pull over, or I passed by too fast and didn't want to turn around, or ... some other excuse. I did pull off on one side road, maybe an hour away from my destination, following a sign to a trailhead. Least of all I could stretch my legs. After about 20 minutes down a dirt road, I finally found the trail. It was completely abandoned, which felt a little ominous, but I explored it anyway. And found this lovely little creek, deep in the forest. And a wonderful hawk feather, which I keep in my car to remind me. To always explore, even if it's a little ominous.

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