Saturday, November 03, 2018

A Colorful Commute

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I always want to say, in my posts, "Here's an experiment," because really, they always are! Every single painting is totally new for me. I might paint similar scenes over again, but never the same exact thing. Even if I have a do-over, I'm trying it a new way, because obviously the first way didn't work (duh). And this is the tough thing about painting, because doing something new every time is hard. But it also keeps me perpetually entertained. In fact, the only time I get bored is when I get in a rut and only paint the kinds of things I already know will work.

So here's an experiment. The photo (taken in Mexico) was pretty boring, so I spiced it up with some extra color. I love the stark contrast of warm/cool from light to shadow. Spicy!

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