Monday, February 26, 2018

Mommy's Helper

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I only managed to get one photo of this pair, but it was a pretty perfect one. Aren't they cute?

I've said this before, BUT, one of the biggest things I've realized about what a photo captures vs. what's really there is - the darks. As darks recede into space they get lighter (because of atmostphere), but photographs don't always capture that. So I try to think of these kinds of scenes as having layers. The gal and her dog are the first layer, so they are going to have the darkest darks. The next layer contains the tree and corner building, and the darks there are a little lighter than the darks in the first layer. I mix these darks right next to each other on my palette (literally touching) because it's just a subtle difference. Then the next layer, which contains the background buildings, is a bit lighter still. In the photo, all those darks are the same, so I have to really think about it rather just repeating what I see. But keeping my piles of darks all lined up in order helps, and never putting my darkest dark in any layer but the first one.


Ken Devine said...

Very interesting. I never thought of that.

Unknown said...

What a great share! Thank you. Luv the panel too!