Sunday, December 17, 2017

Eating Bells

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Here is one last bell pepper painting before we take off for Texas. So you know, because it helps me to know it of other people/artists, I posted the three paintings of peppers that worked, and didn't post three others that ... well, they uhhhh, didn't. My averages are usually a little better, but not a lot. And that's just the way it goes. I hope that helps.

Happy Holidays, and to all a New Year ... wait, that's not how it goes ... shoot.


Diane Hoeptner said...

Carol, your words and your art continue to inspire!! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Carol Jessen said...

Did you know that peppers with three lumps on the bottom are male, and 4 bumps are female? Females are sweeter and better for raw. Male peppers are better for cooking. Interesting, no?!