Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Van Gogh's Courtyard

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I've been absent for a bit because I've been having some me time. And boy it's been GREAT! This past weekend I took a meditation workshop, which was pretty fabulous (who knew!?).

But what I really wanted to tell you is that I've decided to stop teaching my regular still life/daily painting workshops. This was a hard decision, but I've been doing them for 10 years and (after some soul searching) I realized I wasn't looking forward to them anymore (though I did love meeting all the wonderful people!!). For those who weren't ever able to get in, I apologize. Fortunately I wrote a book all about what I do. : ) I also have Artbytes (online tutorials) and will continue to make more of those, I promise.

I will still be teaching a workshop in France next year (which will open for registration soon). We will explore the little villages and then head back to the chateau to paint from the photos we took. We will also paint the views from the chateau and other locations. So, village- people- and land- scapes. Oh, and lots of eating of French food.

Speaking of, the painting above is from the courtyard of the mental hospital Van Gogh resided in for a year in France (done from photos I took there earlier this year). This is one of the locations where we will paint next year also. The grounds are fabulous.


Helene Adamson said...

I can understand your desire for changing up your workshops, Carol, but please DO create more Artbytes. I have all of yours, have viewed them over and over, and always feel I've benefited. You present the material so clearly, and the videos are fabulous. So, "encore, encore" maestro!!

Carol Marine said...

Helene- I promise I will! : ) And thank you for the kind words.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol Glad i was able to take part in one of your still life workshops in eugene and surprised to see there will be no more. Those of us who were able to take a workshop with you recognize that you are a great teacher with an easy manner and clear methods...a natural. I know now your head won't fit through the door. Anyway i continue to practice and paint as much as i can and am still inspired by you and what you have done. The best to you on your new path!! Jerry