Monday, June 12, 2017

Mostly Cloudy


This is my second-to-last painting from the alpaca farm. I debated whether or not to post this one. I like it, but it seems very simple. I don't know. This is something I struggle with a lot - what to post and what not to post. I've been very surprised in the past at what gets a good reception, so I'm always second guessing my instinct. Often I have a particular goal in mind for a painting, and may not post it just because I didn't feel like I accomplished what I set out to do.

I have quite a hefty stack of paintings I didn't post, (this stack is from the past 6 months or so) and about three times as many that get wiped before they dry. I feel good about this stack because it means I'm trying stuff! I'm experimenting, and that means lots of failures along the way. I didn't always feel good about this stack. It took a lot of work to get to this point.

When I get a few minutes, (and some clean space in my studio), I'll take a few of these and prime them. Lately I've been using Gamblin Titanium White FastMatte for this, rather than oil gesso. It dries much faster, and I LOVE the surface for painting on. First I take the panels outside and scrape all the lumpy bits off with a palette knife. Then I simply take the tube of FastMatte, remove the lid, and dab little bits of the paint all over the panel. Then I dip my brush in Gamsol and wipe it all over the panel, smearing out the paint evenly. As soon as it's dry, I'm good to go!


Linda said...

I think your simple painting is outstanding because of the simplicity. I find simple to be very hard to achieve and I have a large stack of panels for recycle as a result. Very nice. Have a great week!

Susan Williamson said...

This latest valuable tip from you is Life changing for me! I have been destroying my bad guys either by throwing them in the trash or stomping on the large panels to break them up for the garbage. Yes, the stomping does provide a bit of perverse pleasure but what a waste!
Your openness and generosity has not flagged over the years. You have helped me in countless ways.
Thank you!

Lauren said...

I'm glad to read you do paint-overs. I do too because I can't destroy a perfectly good panel, just because there's a failed painting underneath. I never have enough sense to wipe them early on. Thank you for the tip about Fast Matte. I've been using dark paint to provide a 'blank'.

Marlene Lee said...

Love the behind the scene look. Be able to see that not all paintings work out and that you do take the time to experiment while selling. I'll have to give Gamblin FastMatte a try.