Friday, June 16, 2017

Double Red Parked


I've been trying out some different brushes other than the (mostly) synthetic flats/brights I normally use. I've also been experimenting with different methods. For this one I scrubbed in some colors with a bristle brush to begin with, which left some textured strokes, then put in my regular stuff on top. After a few "failures," I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere.


Tommy said...

Hi carol! I was wondering if you had any experience painting on a darker ground? I tried to paint a still life with a vibrant red pepper using transparent primaries (other than the semi opaque yellow) and I ran into problems applying the vibrant transparent red to the ground.. because I gessoed in a darker grey tone. the transparent paint isn't reflecting enough light for it to be what I want.. do you know of any way to make high chroma swatches more opaque?

Carol Marine said...

Hi Tommy-

No, I don't have experience painting on a darker ground, though it is something I've always wanted to try. A lot of daily painters have used black gesso as a start. I DO know of a way to get opaque and high chroma. Cadmium. I use both cad yellow and cad red (both medium) and can get quite saturated reds, oranges and yellows. I hope that helps!