Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Nice Spot for Tea


I'm back from the Plein Air Convention. And I didn't die of fear before completing my demo, so I call that a success! But really, I heard good things afterwards, so I'm happy. My secret was the wonder woman socks I wore. : ) The whole event was actually QUITE fun, and informative. My favorite presentation was by Jill Carver, a wonderful artist I know from my time in Austin.

Now back to the tulips. This is number 4 in the series, of 5. Unfortunately I will be off on another trip before the auction for this is done. So I won't be able to ship the next few paintings until I return from France on May 20th.


Will said...

Stayed up late and read your whole daily painting book.'s an inspiration...definitely recommend it.

Jacqueline said...

If you are off to Paris take your gloves and scarf. I just back from there on Saturday and it was very chilly.

Carol Marine said...

Thank you, Will!

And Jacqueline, I am going to Provence. I'll make sure to check the weather before I pack. Thanks for the tip!! : )