Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sunset Peaks

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When I was in the Sierra's last summer, I hiked alone on the first day up to this gorgeous vantage point, right as the long-shadowed afternoon-evening light was happening. I didn't have time to paint, so I took photos. Yesterday I pulled them out to paint from them.

As you might guess, choosing a 6x6in. panel was, ummm, misguided. So after trying (and failing) to fit everything in, I decided to stick with it and just redesign the composition.

I took my friend Paul Kratter's advice and pulled out my sketchbook. I think I tried it about 6 different ways before I landed on this one. My right mountain turned out a bit leany, but (even though I know it can't actually be like that in real life) I think it's fun, so I'm leaving it. Maybe I should have called it "Dr. Seuss Mountain."