Saturday, February 04, 2017

Little Girl Things

Click Here to Bid (6x6in. - shipped mid-March)

I painted this as an example for this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge. This idea has been on my list for a while - painting only black and white (and gray) objects.

On another note, I will be judging the Sedona Art Prize this month. The prizes are pretty great, so you might want to consider entering!

We are currently in Farmington, NM, on our drive to Texas. It's been interesting to see most of the countryside covered in a blanket of snow, though it's pretty much gone from where we are now. I've been doing all the driving (because I'm better at it), but my wrists are finally healing, I think. My fingers are going only a tiny bit numb as I type this. : )


alextasis said...

hi! i am from peru. i want to know if the plattform of is only for usa residents, i recently started with daily painting and i want to sell my work, thanks!

Barbara Pask said...

Wonderful painting, precious little shoes.