Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Dappled Wine Bar

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This is from Pioneer Square in Seattle, where a lot of the galleries and cute little shops are. Last time I was in Seattle, I remembered another painting I had done sorta like this a while ago, and decided I'd love to try it again. Dapples are a thing for me.

How do I paint dapples? Well, depending on whether there's more dapple or shadow, I paint that first. In this case there was more shadow, so I painted the scene in shadow first, pretending the dapples didn't exist. Then I came in on top with a kind of half dapple (a value/color halfway between the color of the wall/door/ground and the lightest dapple), and put in the some splotches about where they were in the picture, but maybe placed a little more artistically. Then I went in again with the lightest of the dapples, within the darker dapples, but only hitting some spots, because in real life some dapples are brighter than others. I hope that makes sense!


Anonymous said...

Pretty COOL work!!!,

Fay Terry said...

This is one of my favorites, Carol. I love dapples, too, so I really appreciate your good description of
how to paint them. I can't wait to try your method. Thanks!