Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A Google Break

sold. (6x6in.)

I'm excited to announce a new ArtByte (online tutorial)! This one is called "Taking, Editing & Painting (from) Photo References." Check it out in my ArtByte Store.

In it I share everything I've learned about taking pictures for painting later (vs. simply taking pictures), what your camera isn't capturing and some tricks for overcoming this, what camera to use, how to set your camera, how to edit photos on your computer, and tips for drawing and painting from them. There are no videos, but there is/are tons of info and pictures, including examples of photos I've painted from (and the subsequent paintings). The cost is $10.


Denise Delgado said...

I can't find a contact email for you. I have your book and also one of the board gizmos for holding a small panel or canvas.
I have a question.
Plz respond if you see this. Thx!

Carol Marine said...

My email address is me@carolmarine.com