Tuesday, September 27, 2016

On a Journey

sold. (6x6in.)

I made some new friends here in Eugene recently and they gave me these plums to paint. I knew they'd be perfect in my green fish bowl. Thank you Lisa and Robert!

If you noticed a gap between this and my last post, it's because I was in Colorado, painting with my pal, Penny. The weather didn't completely cooperate, but we did get in a few nice sessions. I'll think about posting some of those paintings.

While I was there, we happened to notice a Richard Schmid retrospective happening at the same time. So we went, and met some pretty awesome artists, including Richard himself! I asked him how often he wipes a canvas and he said, "Once every..." (he paused for a bit here) "7 or 8 years." I said, "Wow! That isn't very many!" And he said, "I never start a painting unless I can see it finished in my head."


Bruce Bingham said...

I guess that's one reason that he's a master. Glad you got to see the show!


I'm so jealous you got to go to the big Richard Schmidt show! Several of my old classmates were in attendance. I'm sure it was an experience to cherish!