Saturday, August 06, 2016

Tree Sandwich

sold. (8x8in.)

In one week I'll be driving to California, hiking up into the mountains, and camping/painting for 5 days with friends. To get my body ready, I've been hiking up to the top of our local butte (Spencer's) with my pack. And while I'm up there, I also practice painting. This is the first painting I did up there. This is our dry season here in Oregon - the darker layers are trees, and the lighter layers are golden fields.


Glenda said...

Looks very much like a place we camp at in British Columbia. That one large lone tree and light and shadow stretching out beyond. You have really infused your picture with warm light. Wonderful.


I love the composition...the lonely, great pine tree with the various layers of background and their contrasting, hazy colors. What a view!