Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ruby Steps

sold. (7x5in.)

This is another one from Portland. I have to admit that about halfway through this one I almost wiped it off. But I'm so glad I stuck with it!


Antje Bednarek said...

What a wonderful painting! I love the radiant colour where the sun hits. It's a good thing you stuck with this one to the sweet end :)

Gustavo Acevedo Varela said...

Hi Carol! Very nice piece... I've been following your posts just few weeks ago. I admire your fast, accurate and easy brushtroke, the way you put paint on the canvas. I have to say I tend to paint realistic style but I would like to loosen my brushtroke. It would be an honor for me if you check my paints out through my blog and perhaps log in any 'critic' notes. Hope your next post!

Anonymous said...

Love the color, composition and the underpainting peeking through.