Friday, May 20, 2016

Out Shopping

sold. (7x5in.)

I spotted this gal in New York City a couple of years ago. I've painted 45 scenes so far from the photos I took during that trip to NYC. I've got tons more, but I've already got the hankering to go again! It's such a cool place.

Here's another painting from my current gallery show. "Escaping the Bowl" - 16x16in. - $900.


GvH said...

Dear Mrs. Marine. I really loved to read your book (Daily Painting) but I had a small doubt. When perspective of a cup is explained (p.93) there is an step (Step 5) which acording to my understanding is not possible. (a) is always smaller than (b) except if the view is perpendicular. And the bottom curve should always have a stronger curve than the rim (at least two vanishing points). The text seams to suggest otherwise. Did you deliberately over-simplify how perspective works or should it in fact be different. Sorry for asking this question. It made me doubt about the book but reading further I really enjoyed it again.
I'll start with small daily paintings this holiday season!

Carol Marine said...

Hi Govert and thank you! I just looked up the page/step you mentioned. I'm not sure what (a) and (b) are that you are referring to. I would be very happy to discuss this further. Please email me: Or reply to this thread. Thanks!! -Carol