Monday, May 16, 2016

Isuzu Alley

sold. (8x8in.)

Lots to report, so I'll make this quick: alley, Seattle, near Capitial Hill.

Last week I taught my first workshop in 1 1/2 years, which went really well. On Wednesday I remembered why I love teaching - on Wednesday things start to sink in, my kids get really quiet and productive, and they do really great work!

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures, except for these two: the studio set up but empty of people, and two of my kids doing special "art workshop yoga."

TWO of my kids gifted me paintings. One is an abstract by Kristen, and the other is a portrait (of me!) by Piyali. Isn't that awesome?! I guess it puts a lot of pressure on my next group of kids ;) (which is next week, BTW).

And the last image, which I DID remember to take, is our group photo. You guys were awesome!


Unknown said...

Feels like a dream, Carol! My painting is on your blog 😀 Thank you again for the workshop. Saw this post come in as I was reading your book, again.

D. MEYER said...

Wow...good going Ms.Carol!! Didn't it feel good to be with a group again!! And the ;~}☆