Friday, December 04, 2015

Heading Underground

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I caught these two guys heading down to the underground train in San Francisco a while back. I love the back light, the shadow, and the movement the scene captures. And the rails. : ) I can't say enough how much painting as much as I can from life has helped me interpret the photos I've taken.


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...


Jacqueline Davis said...

I love this Carol - great composition! I have a question about it - how do you tackle straight lines like that? Also such variation of color within the lines? If you ever get around to doing an Artbyte on this topic, I would definitely be interested! Thanks!

Magdalena said...

I love the way you paint people - these paintings are so authentic, I can feel the moment you captured and the character of each person. I hope to see more paintings like this one.

I also practice daily paintings but I'm not ready yet to show it online. I like to paint people the most, but it is challenging subject.

Unknown said...

Carol, tus pinturas son fascinantes! y la manera en que retratas las personas en movimiento (aunque sea desde una foto) es fuera de serie.