Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Rocks in Light and Shadow

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Here's another one from the Sierra trip. This spot was about 5 minutes from camp, on the way to a beautiful pond that I'll show you later.

A few more details about the trip: we had our camping gear packed in on mules. Along with enough food for the week. And a cook to prepare it all. Yep, it was pretty cush! All we had to carry was our painting gear. We hiked 9 miles in, and 9 miles out. Our main view was Mt. Ritter, which you can see in the picture to the left. And our camp was very near Garnet Lake.


Carol Keene said...

Carol, I love this series from your plein air trip to the mountains. It's some of the most "alive" work I've seen you do. The altitude certainly agreed with you. Your perceptions are beautifully captured and executed. Brava! Applause, applause.

Peter Barker said...

Gorgeous landscape and a great series recently Carol - bravo!

Mitch said...

Carol, I'm really enjoying your account of the painting trip and seeing the great work you came back with. I've followed Bill Cone's blog for several years and the painting trip seems to be the highlight of the year. What a wonderful experience for you all (except for the broken leg.) Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Collins said...

I think this piece may be my most favorite one. So glad you are trying plein air and you seem to have mastered this genre as well!