Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Path to Ritter

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I did this one from a photo I took up in the Sierra's. I dug the difference between light and shadow, and the hazy atmosphere leading up to the mountain, in shadow, in the background.

This past weekend I threw my 3rd annual Bad Art Destruction party! We had a lot of fun eating, drinking and destroying all the bad art we had sitting around our studios making us feel icky. Here are a few photos.

PS. Just a reminder that I'll be posting about 3 workshops tomorrow (Wednesday, Sep 23) at 7pm PST!


Caroline Greene said...

Another beauty! I'm enjoying the original composition and the contrasting blocks of warm and cool light. Like Gabrielle said yesterday, I can smell the fresh mountain air. Loving this whole series. Technical question - sometimes I find it's not obvious whether the colour iin the scene in front of me is warm or cool. One 'trick' I have is I imagine it's a bitterly cold/boiling hot day, and I ask myself, would a sweater in that colour warm me up/make me feel cooler? Other than experience, what helps you judge? If it's an overcast day, for example, I'd think the colours wouldnt necessarily ALL be cool?

Mary Pargas said...

I'm a little excited and nervous...this is like concert tickets! Can we reserve through blog, FB or DPW?

Carol Marine said...

Mary- I will post links to the workshops and you'll be able to reserve your spot through that. : )

Carol Marine said...

Caroline- That's a great question! There are some general rules about warm/cool, but I prefer mostly to just squint and paint what I see, for the most part. Because there are going to be lots of things that affect the temperature, like weather and reflections, and you can't always rely on the rules being true. Also I think the rules sometimes constrain more than help. It's great to know them, but questioning them is great too! Hope that helps!

Marilyn Flanegan said...

You have a wonderful way of distilling a scene down its essence Carol. Thank you for sharing your plein air ventures with us!