Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cups Askew

Click Here to Bid (6x6in.)

I've done lots of little cup stacks with one or two or three cups, but I've only done a couple of taller ones. Here are all my stacks if you care to peruse.

WORKSHOP PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT: I've decided to teach 3 workshops next year. Two will be here in Oregon (Springfield) and one in Texas (San Antonio). I will be announcing the particulars and starting registration next Wednesday (Sep. 23) at 7pm PST, on my blog, newsletter and Facebook fan page. They tend to fill up fast, so be there or be square.

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Dotty Seiter said...

Carol, thank you for the eye-opening (even though not new), welcome, and empirical (thanks for the link to all your stacked cups!) reminder that just because one has painted a particular subject one can never paint that subject again. Oh, yeah. While I'm here, thanks, too, for Daily Paintworks! Dotty