Monday, July 06, 2015

Three Trees in a Field

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I'm going  a little out of order here and posting a painting I did about halfway through our trip, in a field near Prairie City, OR. I've been doing some work on a lot of the other paintings, fixing some issues and figuring out what is salvageable and what needs to be re-done from scratch. What I found is that only a few worked out "in the field," and the rest needed some work. For me this was most often because I couldn't see what I was painting very well, because of glare. I realized that if I had something solid behind me, like a bunch of trees or a well-placed jeep, I could see much better. Which, makes sense because it's the same thing I experience when I take photos of my paintings. When the painting is pointed towards sky (a huge source of light), there is glare on the painting. The problem is, when I find a paintable scene, there isn't always a good place to paint it from, much less a solid object to position behind me. As if plein air painting wasn't hard enough!


Sharon Lynn Williams Fine Art said...

Hi Carol: you need to buy a Best Brella! They are the bomb for plein air unless it is extremely windy.

Melanie Thompson said...

Have you tried tilting the panel holder slightly forward? It doesn't always work, but it can help with glare! Lovely painting!