Friday, July 10, 2015

Juniper and Cliffs

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This is another plein air painting from Cove Palisades State Park. I struck out on a hike from the campground up into the hills around the river. I knew there were a bunch of Juniper trees there with great shapes because the boys and I had explored it the evening before.

I fell in love with this spot because of the cliffs in the background. Unfortunately there was a big gnarly sage bush in the foreground. Normally I love sage but this one was just plain ugly. So I decided to take it out of the painting. It worked just fine until I got to the ground. There were a bunch of little rocks lying around, and various patches of dead grass, so I did the best I could trying to "edit" it all into a better design. I feel like I get a little better at this every time, but editing certainly doesn't come naturally to me. Just another one of the many challenges of plein air!!!


Patricia Wafer said...

Hi, Carol - I had not seen your blog lately and I am so happy to see the plein air paintings! They are just great and very inspiring. I rarely paint as well outdoors as I do in the studio but it's so much more fun even when the nasty little bugs who are not deterred by DEET are biting my ears. I love the way you use warm and cool colors in the sunlit and shady areas in this one. The bright little flowers on the left are a brilliant touch. I struggle with foregrounds but yours are really super. Have fun out there.

Patricia Wafer said...

Oops - my comment was referring to Wednesday's painting!

Jill Martin-Golden said...

I love this Carol. Editing is hard, I agree.