Sunday, June 07, 2015


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Last week I went to the Umpqua river with a couple of painting buddies. We had gotten permission to paint on some private property, without really seeing the whole thing first, and when we got there we were pleasantly surprised to find not only that no bush-whacking was required, but we had a private, (quiet) prime view of the river! I stood on a lovely little slice of bank to paint this, all by myself, in pure and total bliss.

On another note, I did try to get pictures of my palette to show that thing I mentioned...about the ordered palette. But I have to admit my ordering fell apart before I got too far, and therefore I abandoned my picture taking pretty quickly. (more on that soon)

On a whole other note, I painted the ground (underpainting) purple (with ultra blue and aliz crimsom, and mineral spirits) because of the dominance of green in the scene, and was quite pleased with the result.


Mitch said...

What a beautiful result from your plein air excursion! That must be very satisfying.

Mcx Crude Oil Tips said...

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Thank You

Anonymous said...

Why the purple underground first when you were going to paint all the green?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

loving your tips.

Please do post the 'progression' palette - when it's working as planned ;)