Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Loud Water

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This scene is the view from a winery near Mendocino, CA. (what a view, huh?!) My friend and I positioned ourselves up on a cliff in a spot where it wasn't quite so windy, but by the end I have to admit I was a bit frazzled, and cold. This was after my umbrella turned completely inside out and nearly blew me and all my gear off the cliff. Let me just say - painting moving water is hard! And clearly I have much to learn. But I captured the feeling, of the mist and the rocks and the waves, and for that (and for surviving the experience), I am proud.


Hj said...

I think these seascapes are your best yet! Do you have any tips about composition and colours for outdoors.?

Carol Marine said...

Thanks, Hj! As I slowly improve with landscapes, I am compiling a list in my head of things that work and don't work, and the colors I can't do without. I feel like I need a little more time before I start sharing it - only because I am still having big AHA moments! : ) As for composition, Carlon's Guide has some great tips, and of course one of my favorites on composition is The Simple Secret to Better Painting. Hope that helps!

Penelope Lentz said...

You totally captured the feel of the coast--beautiful, windy, salty, misty, moving, steep! Way to go and don't get too close to the edge, pweeeeese?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You are intrepid!

Your interpretation of the rocks is right on! Brilliance, again.

I'm with Penny, stay away from the edge!