Friday, May 08, 2015

Hayfield Road

Click Here to Bid (6x12in. please click to enlarge)

My first stop in California was the sweet little town of Pleasanton, where my very good friend Randi lives (pictured to the right, top-left, along with a very goofy-haired me). I spent the first day exploring the area while she worked. I found the lovely Sunol wilderness area, where I ended up doing my first 2 paintings the second day. It doesn't look hilly in the painting, but I had to hike up quite a bit to get this view. I had the inspiration to cut some wide panels right before I left, and even made a special box to hold them (which I will post about if any are interested). I will post the second painting tomorrow.

The next day we drove down to Big Sur (top-right). Unfortunately it was completely socked in with fog for most of the day, so we mostly just took pictures and drove/walked around. Wow - what a place!


janis McCarty said...

Love the landscape! Please share with us how you made the box and how you cut the board.

Randi said...

Love it Carol !! Miss you already

D. MEYER said...

Yes, that would be nice!

Sunny Avocado Art said...

Lovely Carol!