Monday, May 11, 2015

Coastal Cave

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I did this painting in Mendocino, where I stayed for a few days last week painting with my friend and fabulous artist, Erin Dertner. This view was literally a 3 minute walk from her house. The whole time I was there I kept saying, "Wow, you LIVE here!!!" While I was painting this one in particular, some people walked past me and asked if I'd seen the whales swimming by. Dang! I was so wrapped up in my painting I completely missed them.

I promised more info about the wet panel carrier I built and here it is (pictures below). First of all, I had some 12x24" Ampersand gessobord panels that my husband cut up for me into 6x12" panels. Because of the width of the table saw, there were a few short ones at the end, so I'll use those for something else.

Then I had him make the little wooden inserts/dividers that you see on the inside of the box. These are made of wood, which works fine, but if I had it to do over again I would buy some plastic ones from Raymar. Each slot holds 2 wet panels, back-to-back. Raymar also carries a variety of these boxes made from a kind of corrugated plastic (like cardboard but plastic) and the ONLY reason I built this one myself is because they don't carry this particular size.

I crafted my box from black (because I had some) foam core and black Guerrilla Tape (amazingly strong!). I was VERY careful to measure everything 5 times and really think about how the box would be put together. A small error means the whole box is worthless (I know this well because of previous attempts!). I taped everything well, and used some velcro strips to create a closure for the lid (cutting a strip of tape for the top of the velcro).

The only thing I wish I'd done was fashion some kind of strap for easier carrying. I'll do that soon.

my custom built 6x12" wet panel carrier


Goineau said...

Your box is great, that tempts me to make one.
The only remark concerns the square notches which abime the painting when the panel which is inserted has just been painted. I think that notches created from baguettes half-round or by making the edges round would allow less contact with the paint. It is an idea which I noted on the box made by Roos Shuring that you can find on her blog.
Bravo for your work of painter and marketing; you are a model for me for years.
Raphaële Goineau

GTA Painters said...

Hi Carol I really love both the painting and the box. Making a box like that is a talent within itself.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

beautiful brushwork describes the amazing cliffs (so Nova Scotia) and the way you describe the lightening of the water as it moves away.
The panel holder is genius!

You can do it ALL!
with David's help ;)