Sunday, October 12, 2014

Magic Floor


This is another scene from NYC, inside the Trump Tower. The floor is a giant expanse of polished granite. I got the photo reference as I was coming down the escalator, looking towards the front doors. I love the contrast between the orange reflections and the cooler colors coming from outside. I used the same loose style/brush hold that I've been using lately, getting a little tighter as the people started shaping up.

Here's another little peek inside my book -->


CamilleMoore said...

Carol, I'm looking forward to purchasing your book. One for me and one for my Mom. Is there a way to buy a personalized signed copy, for a Christmas gift?
Thank you! Camille

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

super awesome abstract!

Anonymous said...

Carol, I love your work it impresses me how much you are able to put into these small paintings. I am a new "painting a day blogger" Still not able to get the hang of the small paintings. But hope to purchase some of your books for inspiration. Again... love your style