Monday, September 08, 2014

Carefully Cordoned


This is the second painting I did on my recent trip to Hood River. We were there at the same time as the NW Plein Air Festival, and this was one of their "offical" painting locations - The Dalles Mountain Ranch. It is late in the summer, so the grass is golden, but what you can't tell from the painting is - it was WINDY! And I am capitalizing that whole word because ... the wind mentioned in my previous post was nothing compared to this wind. I had to strap myself and my easel to a nearby fence in order to remain upright and stationary.


Ujwala Prabhu said...

love the colours and composition.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

I am liking this one! The tan and yellow are perfect!
Kudos to You = )


Carol, some time write a blog about why and how you deal with the miseries of plein air painting. Make it humorous because when I got a cactus thorn all the way though my leather hiking boot into my big toe 1/2 mile from pliers in my car, I was miserable. When the wind took my entire easel and umbrella and threw the kit and kooboodle into the Chama River of NM, I was miserable.

Ron Wilson said...

Bold and balanced. Once again the sure strokes and the confident rendering. Yes, wind is the test when working outdoors. Tied to a post or a bench is the only way to keep still.

Karen Werner said...

See, if you would eat more, (#1 on your T-shirts), you wouldn't have to tie yourself to a fence. Great design.

Carol Marine said...

Thanks, y'all!!

Carol Hopper, I will definitely think about that! At this point I have so little plein air experience I don't have much to say. Maybe in a few years!

Karen Werner, Ha! That is very funny. :)