Saturday, September 20, 2014

Big Bush


This is a cute little scene from Eugene. Meanwhile, in the same town ...

Tonight was our second annual bad art destruction party! Basically a few of my friends and I brought the bad art we had sitting around our studios (making us feel bad every time we looked at it), and ... destroyed it! We tore, slashed, mangled, wrote on, broke into pieces, etc. Wine fueled, of course (on my part, anyway). It was very cathartic. Here are a few pictures:

Tomorrow I am headed to Maine to see a friend for a week. I won't be able to ship any paintings during that time, but if you're really desperate, let me know and I'll beg my husband to do it for me. I'm a little ahead with paintings, so I'll still post some, when/if I have time.


Sue Harrell said...

So much fun! Great way to get rid of all those little painted demons! Many thanks!

Cathy said...

It must be very liberating indeed! Do you know what I do with the paintings I'm not satisfied with? I just paint over them, and usually come out with something that i feel would have never been as good if I had started with a blank canvas. Somehow the painting underneath is helping creating something fresh and new. I've witnessed it so many times! And still can't explain it. Weird.