Monday, July 28, 2014

Chuck Mate - #2000


And here is (drum roll please) my 2,000th daily painting! I have a very good friend who wears these sorts of shoes often (when she wears shoes). Her daughter is just going into college, and due to some pretty huge issues that have come up for their family, I can imagine the funds are a bit tight for them right now. And so the proceeds from this painting are going a tiny way towards getting the sweet little gal through college.


D. MEYER said...

Love, love the" RED" tennies!! What a fun 2,000 daily painting...congrads Carol, what a "feet" hehaheh...!! Donating fees to your friend is a very special thing to do. How lucky they are, and the one that wins the paintings too!! Keep on with the shoes!! your something else Carol!! ¦~>

Molly~ Specs & Wings said...

That's such a great cause! I LOVE this painting!

Teddi Parker said...

Super sweet idea!

Ron Wilson said...

Congrats on your milestone. The shoes look so cute and the rendering is colorful and confident. Great job.

Jeffrey Fan said...

Brilliant colors, Carol! I hope it fetches a great price for that girl :)

Dietmar Stiller said...

Hi Carol!
2.000 drum rolls, all clapping, whistling, hooting and cheering!
I'm very jealous that you got already your 2.000th daily painting!
I love these shoes and the color and your style! You rule!

Art Maine said...

The Art of Life
Everything about this,
the clever title,
the colors,
the composition,
the brush strokes,
the fine art,
the sentiment,
the thought,
the celebration,
the giving,
the you,
my friend,
moves me.