Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Horse Path


I've decided to only post my very favorite landscapes. Even though I've done a bit of plein air work before, it's always been few and far between, so really, in the end, not much. I still consider myself a beginner. And most of the time they don't work out (I've done quite a few bad ones this trip!). And, this is stupid, but if I consider my time "valuable" or whatever (ha!), then I feel really terrible every time I make the effort to go outside and the result is fairly bad or worse. So in order to keep going with this, I have to think of it this way - I must do my 500 bad paintings before I get to the real ones, in this particular subject. I've probably done - what - about 100 so far, in my life? So I've got 400 left to go. Probably there will be some ok ones along the way, and I'll post those. This is one of them. I like it. This is all fyi.

So ok, about this painting. It was the first day we've had here in Germany without any clouds. I zoomed out to the field behind the house right after breakfast. My mother-in-law was nice enough to put the horses in the bottom field so they wouldn't come and bother me. I loved the shadow being cast by the trees behind me, the yellow flower patches on the hill, and the distant hill poking through the trees.


Peter Barker said...

Lovely fresh painting Carol - almost abstract!

Acting classes NYC said...

i like this painting so much

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the fact that it is hard, and that you end up with some disappointing results sometimes! As a sort-of-beginner it's encouraging to hear that truth from an accomplished artist! :)