Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Strolling in Florida


After a few recent cancellations, I've decided to open up registration (the last 3 spots) for my July Advanced workshop to anyone (not just those who have taken from me before, but please be ready to tackle some advanced subjects). The main reason for this is that I've also decided to take next year completely off from teaching in order to spend some significant time focusing on my own work. At the end of that year I'll re-assess how much I want to teach from then on, if at all. So, if you want to take a workshop from me, and July 7-11 of this year works for you, sign up now!


Christine said...

How sad although I understand your reasons. I learned so much from you. I will always cherish and cultivate the seeds you shared.
(Did you get plein air addiction? It's a POWERFUL potion!)
Happy painting, dear girl!

Unknown said...

Whereabouts in Florida? Is the workshop mentioned going to be in Florida as well? Just curious because I'm a Florida girl. :)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Carol did not bribe me to endorse her classes (joke) but I've been a student since I saw her first painting 6-7 years ago, and then had the good fortune to twice take her workshop.
Amazing content and hands on instruction, and I made a wonderful friend, too.
"Y'all" better get on this or you'll miss out on one of the best and most thorough teachers ever.

And, by the way I meant just to comment on the painting before I got carried away.
Your figures are crisply stated and full of life.
They have great dimension and attitude and the whole scene is the embodiment of 'less is more', which is your hallmark.

You ROCK :)

Carol Marine said...

Thanks, Christine and Mary!!

Rebecca, it was St. Augustine, FL. Such a lovely little town. : )

Tracey Mardon said...

Good for you Carol! So necessary to recharge your batteries!
Xo Tracey

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...


Everyone needs time to refresh, to grow, to observe, to fine tune. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!