Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wiggly Walk


I think I am setting a new personal record - fewest posts ever! And I hate it because it means I'm also not painting much. BUT, the reasons for it are all good. My excuse this past week was a workshop in Springfield, OR. I had a great group of kids, mostly well behaved, all willing to go out on limbs and try new things. This group wins the most-courageous award!

(click to see larger version)

Above are a few pictures of my kids hard at work. If you click to see the larger version you will notice some squinting, which I made sure to tell them to do at least 13 times (the magic number)!

To the left is our group shot. There was no one else around so I had to rig my camera to take the picture and then run in. They waited so long on those stairs I decided to only take one picture - and then it turns out I stuck my head in front of one of my kids! Sorry!

I had a great time with you guys - thanks for everything!


Unknown said...

Please post some examples of the 'kids' works!

Unknown said...

Please post some of the pieces your 'kids' did in your and tell!

Brenda Ferguson said...

Oh my caught the wiggle perfectly!

Barbara Pask said...

Glad the workshop went well. This is the cutest painting ever, I can feel her swaying. Very nice!

Unknown said...

Great wiggly walk. Not an easy capture for any painter, but in this one you have done it marvelously!