Friday, January 10, 2014

Flower Power


I used my soft (florescent, spiraly bulb) to light this still life. It works really well for showing off the subtleties in flowers, and the delicate petals. My other main bulb (flood) gives them a whole different look (like this one).


Dan Kent said...

Both pictures of flowers are beautiful. Fascinating how the different light affects the results.

I was a little late to comment on your Abandoned Stack painting. It is absolutely wonderful! The struggles don't show, but the results absolutely do. These are whites we are talking about!! Tough! And the result is masterful. And your brush strokes show a sure hand (even it it doesn't feel that way). I love it. (If I had money to spare, I would bid).

Rafael said...

Great as usual!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Pusterommet said...

You are a big artist, very beautiful painting.