Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Back Me Up, Bottles


My son has been obsessed lately with the idea of backstories. He's a great story teller (& listener), so when something has a backstory TOO, he is all over it. Inspired by him, I must tell you the backstory for this painting. So, the flower has been in love with the pear (on the plate - not pictured) for over a year. The flower has finally gotten up the nerve to profess undying love to the pear, but is quite nervous. The bottles are around for backup, you know, in case the pear doesn't feel the same way.

BTW, happy 2014!!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

LOVE the back story! This painting is musical to me. The colors seem to each have their part to sing. Happy 2014 to the Marines!

Brenda Ferguson said...

Ahhh, Carol...your glasswork is outstanding. I also love the glow coming through the flower. And I can attest to the creative story telling, visually and with words, of the mom and the son. :o) Miss you both,

Patti Vincent said...

Happy New Year Carol! Aren't kids and flowers funny? I love a good back story. Those bottles are beautiful.

Dan Kent said...

You went on and posted another, but I had to put my two cents in on this one. I think it is very good of the bottles to support the flower. But I ask you - where are the other flowers? Do they disapprove of a dalliance between a flower and a pear? Are flowers living in the dark ages? Should I boycott flowers?

That's all - except for this. It's an excellent painting - even without the backstory. :) Happy new Year!