Friday, October 25, 2013

Too Cool For School


I spotted these two in San Francisco on a bench near the water. The seemed like the epitome of San Fran Cool! Especially their shoes. She was wearing these weird high tops with pink laces and he was wearing leather dress shoes (with his t-shirt and jeans) and no socks. This is why I'm not allowed to live there - I'm not cool enough for that.

On a more painterly note, I had so much fun suggesting the background. In the photo it was very busy, and my goal was to subdue it so it didn't take attention away from the people, My solution was to change the values (only in the background) so there were only subtle shifts. I'm quite pleased with the result!


karenwihbey said...

Love the simplicity/complexity!

Unknown said...

Very Cool!

Unknown said...

Very Cool!

Karen Werner said...