Thursday, August 22, 2013

City Stroll, Late Afternoon


This is from another photo in San Francisco (so was yesterday's, fyi). I thought the light was so cool I sort of parked myself against the wall of the building and took tons of pictures, waiting for the people to be just right.

This scene had a lot of subtly different darks, and historically I've always been terrible at mixing them. When I'm mixing subtly different lights and mids I mix them close to each other on my palette to compare, but somehow that never occurred to me with darks. Doh! So I did that this time and feel I managed them a lot better. Who'da thunk!?


Tracey Mardon said...

Wonderful backlighting!
Thanks for the tip about mixing and comparing on the palette!

nikita said...

Love this painting.


This is truly wonderful. When I take a photo with backlighting it is a disaster! Somehow you manage the camera and the canvas equally well!

sue said...

Love the mood in this painting. Very evocative. A painting a day since 2006 is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

The light in this painting is fabulous. I think it reads so well because the darks are done well, too. Darks are challenging because although they are in shadow, there's always some sort of reflection of light that is hard to capture without the values getting muddled. I'd say you did a great job here, as the subjects are back lit, and the darks definitely have light reflected in them. Good job!