Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coming or Going? - SOLD

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I am teaching a workshop in Sedona, May 23-27, a couple of months from now. They just had 4 people drop out, and apparently everyone on the wait list has made other plans. So, if you're interested in joining me in one of the most beautiful spots in the US for a 5-day, fun-filled workshop .... here's your chance! Contact the Sedona Arts Center to sign up.
And if you missed the radio interview today on Artists Helping Artists, you can listen to the recorded version here.


Frank said...

Hi Carol. I listened to the radio interview. You and your husband are so cool. I love listening to painting talk. All i can think to say is, Go for the golden ring. You have the talent girl. Go for it.

Do you look at the old painters? Who do you like? This would have been my question if I had known about the text question thing. I would have asked that for the show. Thanks, ~ F

Frank said...

Also, I really like the three pears. You contrast is consistently set higher than most painters as is your color saturation. So beautiful.

Carol Marine said...

Frank, Thanks! As for old painters, my first love was John Singer Seargent!! I have also been inspired by Cezanne (of course). And I'm in love with Moran's Yellowstone paintings. And I loved Seurat when I was a kid. And Vermeer. I could go on ... but honestly I am more inspired by what's going on today.

Kathy Cousart said...

I am a huge fan or your wonderful brushwork and beautiful use of values and color. These pears are really wonderful.
Heard the show this morning- fun to hear and AND David:) Inspiring to see lots of new things coming for everyone.
I would love to jump on a spot in Sedona, but need to stay close to home, with full time caring for 2 moms. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for Atlanta:)

Robie Benve said...

Hi Carol, thanks for another inspiring painting!
I'm listening to the radio interview while I'm painting, and enjoying it sooo much! You and David a great. :)

Anonymous said...

Carol, if I hadn't just returned from Sedona and Scottsdale, I would be joining you again this year. Your workshop last year was awesome for so many reasons.