Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More workshop ...

My demo piece from today sold as well, so I'll post more student photos. I had a comment on yesterday's post praising the banana painting - it's by Bernard, the guy on the right. He's an illustrator - check out his website - he also does amazing drawings!


Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Carol, Oh goody, more photos from your workshop! I've only been to 2 workshops and loved them both, it's fun to read about yours, it's not as good as being there but has to satisfy my need for a workshop for now. Hope you'll write more! What beautiful paintings your students are creating.

Liesbet said...

Hey Carol,

I'm so glad you're having fun at the workshop, teaching, and expanding your horizons. The website looks great and it's awesome you sell your own paintings so quickly.
I find it so impressive what you're achieving in your young life. You are an inspiration to many people.
Congratulations and good luck with everything!


Jeff Mahorney said...

I just wanted to also give kudos to Bernard for that bananas painting. Beautiful strokes and strong sense of light. Thanks for the link to his site. Wonderful drawings.