Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Polka Cups" --- SOLD

I painted this with the specific goal of loosening up. I was inspired by the loose paintings of Sally Cummings Shisler, my long-distance daily painting buddy. It was really tough to keep the proportions correct while being loose at the same time. In fact, painting loose is tough for me because it's ... unreal. Errr, in real life, the edges are straight and perfect and crisp, and painting loose means kind of suggesting those edges without adhering too much to reality.

I have 2 words tacked to my wall beside my easel. One is "squint," and the other is "interpret."


Brendy Vaughn said...

Love it! I'm always impressed by your work. The purple on the edges of the cups is fantastic - the bits of fushia are really nice too.

Johnnie Sielbeck said...

THREE cups, on green! -- great one, Carol. Love the polka-dot ground and soft shadows with the touch of purple on the right rim. Just wonderful.

and on my wall: "step back often…"


wanda knight said...

To squint is easy, to interpret is quite a different thing. Your interpretations are awesome.

Helen Read said...

Carol, your comments about being loose really resonate with me! It is Hard! (at least I think so.) I also love your self-reminders "squint", "interpret". I often tell my students, "squint at it!" They sometimes think me crazy, but it makes a big difference. As usual, I really like what you've done with these cups in the last few paintings. Thanks for your honest comments - they (along with your work) are so inspiring!

Karen Appleton said...

It doesn't look like you have a hard time, your paintings have great confident brush strokes, Lovely!
My easel has three words "One clear vision"