Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Red Zinger" --- SOLD

So...I've always been horrible at sales. Err, selling my own goods/services anyway. I'm too honest for my own good - I'll tell you if I don't like a painting I've done, or if I'm no good at this or that. I've had to be careful here not to say which paintings I'm not happy with - or should I even say that???

That said, this painting has bothered me all day. And I finally figured out why. My mother made this cup, and it's green on the outside, blue on the inside, and white around the rim. But the white on the rim is a little confusing I think when it's painted from this angle. Or is it? I don't know... That and the fabric doesn't recede...there I've said it. So shoot me.


Carol H. said...

I personally love that you write honestly about your pieces and how you feel about them. It's great to hear a lttle bit about your process of art.

I love your work and if I liked it, it wouldn't matter to me whether you did or not, I would want it for me.

Andrew Neagle said...

Being Honest is the way to go , Somebody is bound to like what you have painted. I always do
I was thinking I'm not critizing, the blue does recede for me but my eye is jumping to the flower on the left, what if you chopped it to 6*6 or 6*5?
Take care, I look forward to any painting you work on.
Andrew Neagle

Heidi Malott said...

I agree with the previous comments, honesty goes a long way. It's part of the artist's journey that we are viewing and to hear their thoughts makes it that much richer. I have also found it interesting that I sell a good deal of the one's that I wasn't sure I was satisfied with or had a hang up on. We are our biggest critic and I think we all see different aspects of a painting in different ways. ~Heidi

Jeff Mahorney said...

Just to chime in, your down to earth frankness part of why I love your blog. Oh that and the beautiful artwork. :p

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys! I was told by a friend this weekend that it's the big white reflection in the tea that's so jarring. She thought it looked all wrong. Oh well. I've decided you have to have the not so good ones to really appreciate the great ones - right?!? -Carol

TK said...

I had a moment's pause with the white reflection as well, but that taken with the fact that the fabric is so abstracted that it doesn't recede much to the eye adds an overall flatness that, while it may not exactly be what you intended, makes for a more abstract painting where the colors POP and the positive and negative spaces create a lovely dynamism to the work. To my eye it is vibrant and lively and celebrates color and shape, which is a hallmark of your work. I love that there is more light in this painting than usual as well.
I also appreciate that you share the process, I paint in my head too!