Thursday, April 01, 2021

Fresh Breakfast


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One of the suggestions my OT (occupational therapist) made for my work environment was pretty simple - take more regular breaks. When I get into a zone I will work for many hours without even realizing it, so that's a problem. I thought about setting a timer, but that's so disruptive, so I decided instead to break at more natural moments. It goes something like this for a small painting:

come up with the composition - break - draw it on my panel and lately I've been mapping out the values somewhat - break - paint for a while, and when I run out of tea - break - finish painting - break - repeat

During breaks I stretch or rest or get more tea or love on my dog. It's a very complicated system, I know. But it's working, and I think it's helping. At the very least I feel a little more balanced and sane.

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