Sunday, November 22, 2020



sold. (4x4in. - GOUACHE on 24-ply illustration board - starts at $75)

This is an example of a painting that I was sure until the final stroke was not going to work out, but now I love it. In this case I think it was because I was hoping to get by with just big, broad strokes, but it was those little tiny spotty details that I begrudgingly added that ended up totally making it. I had to be careful because this guy had one THOUSAND spots, and I certainly didn't want to add them all. The biggest thing I've learned about that is - variety. You don't want them too evenly spaced or evenly sized. Or even the same color necessarily. So I took my time, and thought about each little dot. Whew.

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Jo Castillo said...

Fun, lively and perfect colors.
Have a happy Thanksgiving. (We are expecting about 80 degrees) Evil grin.
Take care, Carol. Thinking of you.