Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Winner by a Spoon


Click Here to Bid (6x6in. - OIL - starts at $100)

I'm trying to go simpler with my compositions. I think they make stronger statements. But they're actually HARDER to come up with!!

While I was taking a break from painting, I made some improvements to my new studio. The room(s) I'm using is "supposed" to be a second master bedroom/bathroom. The bathroom has a huge walk-in shower that is really a waste to me, as we have 2 others in the house. So I made it into a horizontal storage area for larger wet paintings on panels, using wood and wire shelving. Below is the view (click to enlarge) walking into the bathroom (top, left), turning right (bottom, left), and then into the "shower," (right). God forbid anyone ever turns on the water in there!

After I built this, I was finally able to unpack the rest of my crap from my old studio. And I found quite a few larger paintings! In fact I filled my entire new rack with them. So I suppose I'll need to start selling those if I want to paint any more.

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