Sunday, August 30, 2020

Going for the Spoon


Click Here to Bid (6x6in. - OIL - starts at $100)

Thank you all for purchasing my new books! I spent the whole day today getting orders ready - probably filled 50 orders! I took the picture below near the beginning of the day.

A couple of months ago, when I had my book files ready (created with Lightroom Classic), I called around to the printers here in Missoula, and they were either ornery or way too expensive (or both). So I called the place I used for years, back in Oregon, and they were more than happy to print for me again, AND ship, all for less than it would have cost to have them done locally. They are SO great to work with, and the quality is always top-notch. If you're interested, the name of the company is QSL Print Communications, and they are located in Springfield, OR. I can't recommend them enough.

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