Thursday, June 11, 2020

More Gouachies

Click Here to Bid (TOP, BOTTOM, gouache on illustration board, bidding starts at $25/ea.)

First of all, I should have mentioned in my last post that I am using the sta-wet palette for gouache wrong, on purpose.  The first guy I ever saw demo gouache (Mike Hernandez, who is fabulous) puts his paint directly on the sponge rather than using the paper it comes with. He didn't say why (that I remember) but I just figured I'd try it that way first.

Here are two more little gouache scenes. The top is from a reference I took MANY years ago, at a private ranch in Texas that bordered Enchanted Rock (a giant, granite, batholith). There were rocks everywhere, and they were pink, from the feldspar in the granite.

The bottom scene is from the Oregon Badlands (about 20 miles east of Bend). As you probably know, we love to camp, and this is one of the first places we ever found to do "dispersed" camping. This just means there's no official campground, but you're allowed to camp if you can make it happen. This was a particularly magical place because 1. we were all alone - there wasn't anyone else within at least a mile or 2 of us, and 2. we had a spectacular view!! Of course, it's tough to take a picture of a sunset, and apparently it's hard to take a picture of a painting of a sunset too! The orange in the sky is more orange than I could capture.

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