Sunday, May 29, 2016

Circus Roses

sold. (5x7in.)

I just got done with my last spring workshop. I won't be teaching again until October, in San Antonio. People ask me all the time how to get into my workshops and the answer is - watch out for the announcements and sign up asap (they fill fast!). I'm only doing 3 workshops a year now, and I usually announce for next year in the fall/winter.

To the right are some photos from my class last week (I remembered this time!). As you can see, my kids were very studious and hard-working. They did some really great work and I hope learned a lot. We had a super fun time together!

On the last day, as usual, I took them outside to demonstrate how I photograph my paintings, and we took a group photo right afterwards. We snagged a guy from a nearby office to take our picture. Max did great, but he was shy and didn't tell us exactly when he was going to snap the photo. So we weren't all prepared. : )

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