Monday, June 22, 2015

Clearwater Creek

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Pre-posted while I'm on vacation. I won't be able to ship anything (books or paintings) until I am back home (at the latest) July 8th. My apologies!

This is the first of two paintings of these scene. The location is Clearwater Park in Springfield, OR. This first one was painted from life, at about 9am. I'll post the second one tomorrow.


Caroline Greene said...

How to make a painting from a simple scene - love this, Carol - I'd love to learn how to select and simplify all those greens. Which is as always, all about the practice I guess. The streak of reflected blue gives this scene a real spark.

Lana Manis said...

Love the reflection in the water!
Carol, I recently purchased your book and really enjoy learning from it!
I have a question: what do the backs of your finished paintings look like? Mine have some paint around the edges on the back from where I painted backgrounds, edges, etc. Do you leave yours like that or do you go back and paint the entire back... or maybe you don't get paint on the back of your hardboard like I do. Thanks!

John S. said...

My name is John Somers , I live in Knightdale, NC, and just ran across your Daily Painting book.Your book is great.I think your work is inviting and complex, but your philosophy is radical,encouraging, and within reach. I'm fearful, but would love to learn to do this for myself. The Clearwater Park paintings are sublime and wonderful.Thanks.John.