Sunday, October 19, 2014

Just Because


Painting white is one of my favorite things. I have one whole shelf in my studio devoted entirely to white cups of various sizes/styles.

Here's another peek into my book. --> This one lists the top 6 mistakes made by students (again, IMHO), and includes a lovely painting by David Lloyd (not related to the 6 mistakes!).


Adele Bower said...

Carol, I've ordered your book.
Can't wait.
Adele Bower
Houston, Texas

Amy Fox said...

I preordered your book on Amazon and can't wait to get it!

Marilyn Flanegan said...

I especially love your white stacked mug paintings, Carol - the brushwork and color harmony is so lush.
Congrats on your latest book and thank you for the sneak peaks!

Pamela Nichols said...

Congratulations on your upcoming book release, Carol! I have pre-ordered my copy. Late last night while my husband was sleeping, I listened to the latest AHA show with my iPhone and earbuds. I woke him up to tell him that I am inspired to paint small (8x10) paintings of faces - friends, fellow artists, fellow church choir members, neighbors... - and self-publish a book. I am so excited. Thank you!

By the way, you and Leslie are a great blogtalk radio team!

Karen Werner said...

Another beautiful painting, Carol. Congratulations on your instructional book. I can't tell you how much those few days of workshop with you back in 2010 changed my painting life! I know your book will help so many people. Thank you for so generously sharing your art and yourself. You continue to inspire!

Barbara Pask said...

When you paint white it is so interesting to view. Congrats on your book!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Your paintings are ALWAYS an inspiration but your amazing book is that and more...much more!
I received my early copy and am BLOWN AWAY with the amount of helpful and inspirational content. From the basics to the advanced...and... I think including the important stories of of not only your own, but also other artists I admire, who fought through Artist's Block, was a brilliant idea.
I am so honored to be included. Thank you.